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Hoops Galore Paddy Power

Hoops Galore – Paddy Power 2

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Written by Ian McMillin

Updated June 15


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What is Hoops Galore Paddy Power? 

Paddy Power is a safe and reliable sportsbook that offers exciting rewards to its customers. You can take advantage of the occasional promotional offers on this platform.  It will interest you to learn that the betting site comes with several fantastic welcome offers to encourage new players.  Apart from that, you can take part in Paddy Power free to play games, including Hoops Galore, Mini Golf Highland, Hit the Right Spot, and several others. 

There are several fantastic prizes to be won when you play Hoops Galore; you can win free bets ranging from £1 to £100. To take part in Paddy Power free to play games, you need to register at the sportsbook’s official website. It is worth mentioning that this promotion is available for new and old customers who are above 18 years.  

If you are interested in playing Paddy Power’s hoops galore, you should read this article carefully as you will get to learn more about this free game. 

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How do you play Hoops Galore? 

To take part in Hoops Galore on this platform, the first step you need to take is to launch Paddy’s Skill zone.  Apart from Hoops Galore, you can play other games like Mini Golf Highland, Hit the Spot, etc.  

Bear in mind that Hoops Galore has a limited number of daily entries per customer. The game features a mini-leaderboard, which reflects your performance during the week. Your total score in Hoops Galore comprises your top four scores in the games. In other words, the addition of your best four scores gives your total score. 

Furthermore, your rank on the master leader board will be determined by your top two games.  These are the games with the highest-ranking points for the week.    

Your performance determines your weekly prices, and you do not hesitate to visit the website for more information on how the leaderboard and rewards work.  

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Hoops Galore – Paddy Power 1

What can be won at Hoops Galore? 

You must complete the weekly prize position to qualify for a reward. There are prize structures for both the mini-game and master leaderboard. The master leaderboard gives the prizes for each position.  For instance, the first and second position gets £200 and £125 free bets, while the third to fifth position gets £75 free bets.  Furthermore, the sixth to tenth positions gets £50 free bets, while the eleventh to twentieth position gets £20, and so on.  

Note that ties on the mini leaderboard will be determined by a tiebreaker, while ties on the master leaderboard will be determined by dead heat.  

It is worth mentioning that the prizes are valid for seven days, and the top prize you can win weekly is £200. The leaderboards are updated at 6 am every day. 

Anything Else I should know about Hoops Galore

Hoops Galore – Paddy Power

Players should bear in mind that this promotional offer is limited to one per player, which means that a single customer can participate from each IP address, email address, telephone, account number, household address, and shared computer.  

Measures are put in place to prevent players from opening multiple accounts. Therefore, new players must undergo the necessary documentation and verification before withdrawal to prevent fraudulent entries. 

Players who have been notified that they are excluded from the promotion will not be allowed to participate. The promotion is valid from the 4th of November, and it can be changed and discontinued anytime by the operators.  Bear in mind that these changes or discontinuation will not affect any gamer who are already placing their bets under the promotion. 

Hoops Galore FAQ 

1. Is Hoops Galore Free? 

Hoops Galore is free to play.  It is a promotional offer available for a new and existing player at Paddy Power.  Players must be over 18 years to participate in the game.  Apart from Hoops Galore, gamers can also play Paddy Fiendishly Tricky Sports Quiz, Mini Golf Highland, and Hit the Spot.  

2. Can Hoops Galore be played from outside the UK?  

Yes, the game can be accessed by players from other countries. Paddy power accepts players from countries like Finland, the Republic of Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Greece, New Zealand, etc. Before you register and participate in the promotion, you should endeavor to check the list of restricted countries.  Some of these countries include the USA, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Italy, and others.  

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