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Paddy Power Hit the Spot

Paddy Power Hit the Spot

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Written by Ian McMillin

Updated December 27


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What is Paddy Power Hit the Spot?

I know you must have been hearing about Paddy Power Hit the Spot and wondering what it is about.

Not to worry, this article will help you know all you need to understand about Paddy Power Hit The Spot. The article will also give you a step-by-step guide on playing the game and the terms you need to be familiar with.

Paddy Power is an Irish betting company. This article is about Hit the Spot, right? Yes. So, let back into it.

Hit the Spot is a regular betting that offers new and existing Paddy Power customers the opportunity to play in a free game. Hit The Spot has an exciting contest that runs every day. So, as a customer, you can have a lot of fun playing Hit the Spot.

For a punter to win something with Hit The Spot, he or she must ensure scoring as many points as possible with up to 10 penalties daily. Such guarantees the punter a win up to £1,000 daily.

The winning is shared equally between all players who recorded an equal score or greater to that day’s target. This means it is the best score of the day that counts.

How do you play Hit the Spot?

Before answering the question above, you need to understand how the points are calculated to know how to hit your target for the day.

Having explained the structure and the spot prize to you, let move to this point’s real subject. To play Paddy Power Hit The Spot; you must aim a penalty kick towards the targets in a goalpost. This consists of numbers showing the points that will be won if you reach the target.

After launching the Hit The Spot game, drag the ball towards the goals to begin the game. In curving the ball, you can also move left or right.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Paddy Power Hit the Spot image

To kick goals, hit targets and corners to win prizes, check the wind arrow and flags. This will help you measure wind speed and direction.

Easy right? Note that the game will become harder as it progresses. Once the game continues to advance, the targets move around faster, making it harder to score.You can miss the targets, but you will only end up scoring a goal that will result in only one point. That might not be enough to get you to be among the winners.

Punters can also win in-game gold if they reach the monthly target shown in the game. They can also use this for in-game purchases.Between 00:00 and 21:00 daily, each punter is allowed to use up to 10 shots. However, if left unused, they won’t be carried on to the next day.

What can be won at Hit the Spot?

As you already know, the daily prize is shared equally between all winning players at the end of each contest; another important thing to note is that the money is paid in cash.

At the end of the week, the winners are credited for the previous week by noon.

While the maximum weekly free bet is £100, the maximum stake for power-ups is £10, and the prizes are only valid for seven days.

The minimum deposit required of new customers is only £10. It is also important that wagering is cleared within 90 days as this offer can’t be combined with any other offer. To get more information on this, check the terms and conditions that go with it.

To answer the question on what can be won at Hit the Spot is a maximum of a £100  free bet. All you need to do to win the top prize is to outrank other players every week.

As a punter playing for free daily, you can earn points on the weekly leaderboard to obtain a prize.

Goal = 1 point

Top Corner Penalty = 2 points

3 Target = 3 points

5 Target = 5 points

As a punter, when playing daily for free, you have the chance to earn points on the weekly leaderboard, which can also fetch you a prize.

Below is the structure of The Paddy Power Hit The Spot Prize:

Position Prize

1st 100

2nd 60

3rd 50

4th – 10th 20

11th – 50th 10

51st – 100th 5

101st – 1,600th 1

Meanwhile, Paddy Power has a new customer offer for Hit the Spot. All you need to do is place 5 x £10or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Once you repeat this up to 5 times, you stand a chance of receiving a maximum £100 bonus. 

Meanwhile, you also stand a chance of winning in-game gold once you reach the monthly target shown in the game. You can use this for in-game purchases.

The additional Hit the Spot offer includes 2 up you win, Beat the drop, Acca Insurance, Rewards Club, and Crowd Powered Price Boost.

Anything Else I Should Know About Hit The Spot?

Paddy Power Hit The Spot is a free challenging game that is enjoyable. Its features make it attractive that you will want to give it a go.

It is a unique and exciting game that allows you to cash in on a significant amount easily. You don’t need to stress yourself that much. All you need to ensure is playing to get the best score of the day, and you will record a great win. 

Paddy Power is the gaming industry leader offering market-leading maximum payouts on horse racing and golf.

With its £/€20 risk-free initiative, you won’t want to miss the opportunity of taking such a huge promotion. But you have to deposit using Cards or Apple Pay to qualify for the promo.

As an initiative that has passed three decades, it’s already a household name in the gaming industry. This indeed a legendary bookmaker that is worth betting on. 

In summary, these are the major things you need to know when playing Hit the Spot.

1. The daily prize is split evenly between all winning players.

2. The offer is available to both new and existing customers above 18.

3. The winning is paid in cash.

4. The leaderboard is updated by 6 am daily.

5. You can’t win more than £100 in the weekly free bet.

6. The maximum stake for Power-ups is £10.

Is Hit the Spot Free?

This is an easy answer from what you have been reading. The answer is straight forward. Hit the Spot is free.

Punters have nothing to lose playing Hit the Spot, and they stand the chance of winning £1,000. The condition of being among the winners is simple, as analyzed above. Just ensure you are among those with a high score.  To be among the winners, score as many points as possible with up to 10 penalties daily.

This is a risk-free initiative that makes every punter a winner, provided you hit the daily target.

So, Hit the Spot and be among the winners.

Can Hit The Spot Be Played From Outside The Uk?

To discover if Paddy Power Hit the Spot can be played in your country, you need to test your location. The fact remains that you cannot bet and receive the Paddy Power sign up offer anywhere in the world. 

If you check the list and discover that your country is not on it, you won’t be able to create or verify your account.

Find out if your country allows Paddy Power Hit the Spot by the “test my position” on the website to get a quick answer.

If you were unable to get the answer, search for your country on the Paddy Power legal list. Paddy Power can be played in 15 countries for now.

They include the following: Republic of Ireland,United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece, Malta, Gibraltar, United Arab Emirates,Japan,New Zealand.

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