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William Hill Free or 4

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Written by Ian McMillin

Updated November 15


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What is Free or 4? 

Free or 4 William Hill one of the latest games by SportCaller which is a leading free-to-play (FTP), sports-game provider. It is the partnership between SportCaller and William Hill that leads to the development of this game. This was done to boost the user experience and promote retention on a sport that has a powerful bearing on the annual revenues of domestic UK leagues. 

  To acquire and retain repeat-customers at a meager cost, the SportCaller repeatedly develops fresh and new ways. Ultimately, this helps free or 4 william hill to optimize its dynamic customer base. This becomes more helpful when football season rebounds with a powerful digital system working from behind. 

Thus, the supplier makes it possible for its partners to share a broad range of FTP prediction, and jackpot. In addition to this, one can launch higher hyper-casual game formats with seamless speed across any territory, language, or sport via Facebook Instant Games, web, Play Store, Twitch extensions, or iOS. 

How do you play Free or 4

You need to be an account holder when it comes to how to play this game. However, you require no deposits or qualifying bets to play the game. You win a free bet upon getting 4 or more predictions correct

Thus, you can play Free Or 4 by selecting a total of 6 games that will have either 3 or 4 goals in them. After that, the players reckon 3 or 4 goals in total are to be scored from Saturday long-list’s kick-off of 3 pm. You will receive £200 in these free sportsbook bets if you make 6 successful selections.

 In addition to this, if you are able to grab just 5 or even 4 matches accurately, then you can also win other prizes. There are easy-trigger and smaller consolation prizes available for this. 

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free or 4 william hill

What can be won at free or 4

You can win a maximum of  £200 for all correct predictions in free bets. And they will split these bets further  into eight £25 tokens. Although, the prize doesn’t seem to be big as you usually win with some other games that are free too. But here you have a higher chance of winning a prize than others. One can see more number of top prize winners every week. 

30 days is the validity period for the free bets. Within the sportsbook, you can win cash by using any of these single bets.

Each week, the maximum prize pool that you can win here is £1 million. Furthermore, they will split this pool between the three prize levels. They will adjust the amount if more winners are exceeding the said amount. 

For instance, 25,000 customers get five correct (£125,000) and  50,000 get 4 correct predictions (£50,000), then the remaining amount of £825,000 is split among those getting six correct predictions that are up to £200 each. Similarly, if, for instance, 6,000 users get 6 predictions correct, then in that particular week, they will get £137.50 in free bets. 

free or 4

Furthermore, in case they declare the match as void, then they will continue the game. For 4 or 5 correct predictions, they will still award prizes but will not award the main prize. The bets placed with the free bets will have a ‘Cash in my bet’ available subtracting the value of the free bet. Also, you can edit the entries up to the start time of the game. 

You can choose from a number of leagues to win up to £200 in these free bets. The main leagues include League One, League Two, or Scottish Premiership, or Premier League, Championship. You can earn a £5 bet by picking correctly 5 out of 6 picks. Similarly, you win a £1 bet for every four out of six correct picks. 

In addition to this, for celebrating the launch of their new easy-to-enter game, they pit a pair of participants against each other. Each week, the one who predicts the 3 or 4 goal games correctly stays on to participate in the next week’s challenge against a different contestant.

Anything else that I should know about free or 4

William hill gives you free bets as well. You can get a new free bet of the same value by placing your first bet of at least £10. Thus, once you settle a bet, you can get a new one up to a maximum of £30.

Furthermore, as soon as they store a free bet into your account, you can use a free bet token. The bets will expire after 30 days. So, after receiving the bets, you have a total of 30 days. In addition to this, on any sports betting market, you can utilize the free bet. 

Is Free or 4 free

To be more direct, Free or 4 is not completely free. However, they give you the option of getting free bets. If you place your first bet of at least £10, you get a chance of earning a free bet of the same value. The free is going to be valid for 30 days. So, make sure that you use your free bet in the right way and at a right time. 

Can Free or 4 be played from outside of the UK

Yes, one can play free of 4 from outside of the UK. But, before that, you need to make sure if gambling is legal in your country.  

William hill is legal in countries like Andorra, Argentina, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Norway, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Lithuania, Gibraltar, Luxembourg, Malaysia, etc. 

At the same time, William hill is illegal in other countries. These include Cuba, Czech, Denmark,  Djibouti,  Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, French Guiana, Gabon, Haiti, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and many more.

In addition, they offer you to play the game in several currencies like Australian Dollars (AUD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Danish Kroner (DKK), Euros (EUR), Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), Japanese Yen (JPY), Singapore Dollars (SGD), Swedish Kronor (SKK), Swiss Francs (CHF), United Kingdom Pounds (GBP), United States Dollars (USD). 

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