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Paddy Power Beat the Drop

beat the drop

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Written by Ian McMillin

Updated November 15


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What is Paddy Power Beat the Drop

Beat the Drop is one of the latest exciting and promotions to come from Paddy Power where players have the chance to win a cool £1,000!

In Beat the Drop, you start out with a set amount of winnings. The aim of the game is to answer a series of questions correctly and keep your winnings. Simply buy a ticket, select your stake, and choose how many questions you want to answer. Once this is done, you will be given a pot of money to play with, with the size of this pot depending on your stake and the number of questions selected.

With each question that you answer you have to choose whether to go all in (if you’re feeling daring) or split the pot. Any money left in the pot after all the questions have been answered will be yours for the taking. The questions are all based on some of the most popular footballcompetitions.

Paddy Power’s Beat the Drop is available for both new and existing customers with registered Paddy Power accounts.

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How much can I be playing at Paddy Power Beat the Drop

The new game, which is a lot of fun, very engaging, and can be found on the bet menu on the Paddy Power homepage, offers players a choice of bet stakes ranging from £2, £5, £10, £20, £50. The amount you buy a ticket for and the number of questions or predictions you decide to take on determines how much you can potentially win.

The top prize is £1 million. This will require you to enter for £50 and tackle the answers to 16 football outcomes. The lowest prize is £7 which you will receive when choosing to answer just two questions / outcomes.

paddy beat the drop

In offering Paddy Power ‘Beat The Drop’ strategy and advice it is important to see this game for what it is, a string of betting predictions. The game aspect is all to do with staking  – and your stakes is your potential prize.

Any winnings from a successful Beat The Drop games at non UK casinos are paid directly into your account as cash immediately after the game has finished. This is because the Beat The Drop game is a gambling game that works in tandem with Paddy Power’s excellent sportsbook.

There are no delays and no clauses, and certainly no wagering requirements needed before withdrawing your winnings. Paddy Power will allow their card holders to withdraw their cash over the counter in one of their shops the moment the Beat The Drop game is complete – so you could be celebrating tonight!

There are usually a few questions to answer at any given time, but if you don’t like the questions available, you can wait up to 60 days (from your last question) to see what else comes out. Another important point is that you don’t just have to choose one of the answers.You get to choose how much of your pot to allocate to each answer, and you’ll get to continue the game with however much you allocate to the correct one. Then, at the end of the game, you can keep whatever’s left. There are 12 sports-related betting questions in total. 

How can I play at Paddy Power Beat the Drop? 

This is a relatively easy game to play. Should you elect to predict six answers and play for £20, your potential prize will be £950. So £950 is the sum you will start with and if making six correct predictions it is also what you will end with. However, you can hedge your bets at any time and split your stakes on the outcome of any game or question.

If the question is:  Will Barcelona vs Milan feature more 3 or more goals? You may be indecisive so you can elect to place £500 on ‘yes’ and £450 on ‘no’.  This way if the game does have 3+ goals, you will carry forward £500 to the next question. Your eventual prize is the money you have left from your starting funds.

paddy power beat the drop

But here is a Paddy Power Beat the Drop tip: Sometimes, particularly if you get deep into a game, do considerer hedging your bets via a fixed odds betting not on renapro market.  This may give you an insurance policy that will pay out more or incur less of a loss.

To play, all you have to do is to log into your Paddy account. Choose your first fixture and market from the available list. The question you could be asked could be something like ‘will this game be a draw at half time?’ or ‘will Leeds win tonight?’ Now that you know the question, you will have to determine your confidence level in getting the question right. Move the slide along the question to wager different amounts of money on each outcome. If you are playing the free to play version, you will be wagering an amount of your 1000 pounds which can be split between the answers in any way you think is best. 

If you get the questions right, you will move onto the next stage. However, you will only move on with the amount you put on the correct side. This means that if you were to put 900 pounds on yes and 100 pounds on no, and the correct answer is no, then you get to move to the next question with only 100 pounds left to play with. For free to play players, this is then repeated 10 times and whatever you come out with at the end of wagering, you get to keep as cash! 

Sign Up Process 

The signing up process is free for anyone and easy to execute as well. All you have to do is to log in to their official website. Go to the ‘Beat the Drop’ using the tab on the left column of the homepage or via the Promotions section. Either one brings you to the same registration page. If it is your first game of the day, simply choose your answers for free.

Otherwise, choose your stakes ranging from 2 pounds up to 50 pounds. From here, determine the number of questions that you want to answer. Once you have been assigned your pot, proceed to play the game and try to sustain the amount in your existing pot as much as possible. 

beat he drop paddy


There you have it, a detailed illustration of the entire Paddy Power Beat the Drop signing up procedure. The game is premised on a pretty interesting and thrilling concept whereby instead of making you win sort of awards, you are been given a pool of money and your duty is to protect it. I personally thought that such a concept incentivises one to defend their pot since technically they are already personally vested in it. 

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